STUDENT CITIES of the United Kingdom

University cities and towns are scattered across the British Isles, attracting international students wanting an authentic British education.

University cities and towns

The United Kingdom has more than 60 cities, towns and boroughs that support university study and could be called student cities. There are about 50 in England, several in Scotland, several in Wales and one in Northern Ireland. Each student city has more than 10,000 university students that make up over 5% of the local population.

Student cities differ in ways that make them more or less attractive to students. Differences include location, climate, accommodation options, ease of getting about, attractions and night life, recreation and sports activities, and, importantly, the study environment and quality of universities and colleges.

What is a student city and what makes a good one?

A student city is a city or town (or other form of settlement) with a strong representation of university and college students. Typically, the city caters for student needs well because it adapts to having many students in the community.

When together in large numbers, students determine housing, employment, social and cultural trends in the communities where they live. Student spending fuels local businesses and influences the types of housing and services provided. Student habits, such as going out at night and holidaying during term breaks, create distinct city rhythms and seasons.

The best student cities give back to students. They have excellent education institutions and attract the best instructors. City planners, private investors and universities make it easy for students to find accommodation, move about the city, shop, get part-time jobs, be entertained and study effectively.