An historic and scenic coastal town

Aberystwyth is a small Welsh town that, apart from being the home of Aberystwyth University, is a holiday resort that contains many historical buildings. This makes it an inspiring and highly student-focussed town for completing university studies.

University students dominate community life in Aberystwyth ("Aber" for short) out of the peak holiday season. The total number of students enrolled at the university actually exceeds the official resident population.

Transport and accommodation

The town has a railway station that allows students to commute from across the region. It is also the juncture of two major roads connecting north and south-west Wales. Otherwise, Aberystwyth is relatively isolated - the nearest major population centres are upwards of 70 miles away.

There is plenty of student accommodation provided by the university and privately. A room in a residential hall costs around £3,900 for a 37-week contract. Accommodation quality and prices vary however, reflecting that many houses and units are built for tourists as well as students.

Student life

Student life centres around university activities, although the town has a live music scene and offers plenty of outdoor space for recreation. The university over a hundred clubs and societies and provides sporting facilities, including a pool and gym.

Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth University is the oldest in Wales. It was founded in 1872 as the University College Wales. The university's campus is landscaped into a hillside and has spectacular sea views. It also has a mix of classical and modern buildings.

Graduates have a relatively low level of satisfaction with courses, with the university rated a below-average 1.4 / 5.0. The university has a base tuition fee for international students of £9,750 per year.

  Aberystwyth is a student town and holiday resort that provides students with few study distractions apart from spectacular views.


RegionPopulationNearest cityUniversityWales13,040Swansea (70 miles)Aberystwyth University