Almost University Towns

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Places with universities that aren't student cities

Here is a list of every UK city and town that is the base for at least one university but which does not qualify as a student city or town. The places have less than 10,000 university students and/or the student community represents less than 5 per cent of the population.

The list shows that some universities lack a physical location that could genuinely be described as a student city or student town. Few or none of the university's students are in the kind of environment that is normally associated with a busy, strong student community.

Universities without a student city might have few students, be the only university in a large metropolis, specialise in online study, or students may be dispersed sparsely across regional and urban campuses.

Although such universities are without a large, powerful student community, they still may provide a quality environment for students in terms of study, living and socialising. Equally, individual students may find that a non student-city is an excellent choice for university studies.