Best University Cities

Student Cities' Rankings

Most popular: Highest average course satisfaction

An important measure of the quality of a student city is the rate at which university students approaching the end of their studies report to be satisfied with the experience. A summary of the associated rankings - the city popularity rankings - identifies some of the very best student cities in the United Kingdom.

Top 5 Big Cities1. Belfast (3.8)2. Coventry (3.6)3. Cardiff (3.3)4. Nottingham (3.0)5. Birmingham (2.8)Top 5 Small Cities1. Norwich (4.6)2. Hull (4.2)3. Bath (4.1)4. Oxford (3.8)5. York (3.5)Top 5 Towns1. St Andrews (4.7)2. Guildford (4.6)3. Exeter (4.5)4. Lancaster (4.4)5. Durham (4.3)