Dundee in Scotland is a student city with two universities, Dundee Uni and the University of Abertay Dundee.

Dundee, Scotland

Population: 156,561

University students: 21,515 (13.7%)


Dundee, Abertay Dundee

A strong Scottish university city

The University of Dundee offers students state-of-the-art facilities mixed with historical buildings.Computer building, University of DundeeThe community of university students is prominent and influential in Dundee, with two universities based in the centre of the city.  An estimated 13.7% of the Dundee population are studying at university, which is the highest proportion among Scotland's four largest cities.

In addition to being a regional education centre, Dundee is a hub of work activity. Over 300,000 people live within 30 minutes drive of the city centre and around 630,000 people within one hour. Many people from surrounding areas commute to the city each workday.

1. Geography and climate

Dundee is situated beside a broad estuary of the River Tay (on the North Sea Coast) and is surrounded by hills and farmland. It is 36 miles north of Edinburgh.

The climate, like the rest of North-West Europe, is oceanic. Temperatures and rainfall are fairly typical for the east coast of Scotland. Due to its sheltered estuarine position, Dundee is slightly warmer than northern parts of Scotland in the summer. The average daily maximum is 12.0°C (53.6°F) and minimum is 5.2°C (41.4°F).

2. Accommodation

With Dundee City having many students attending classes in the city centre, there is a large amount of student accommodation. Student rooms in Dundee CityThe universities both provide a range of accommodation options in the city. They tend to be spaced out and not always on or close to campus, reflecting inner-city competition for housing. However, Dundee is relatively free of congestion and is a cheap place to live by UK standards.

Accommodation packages offered by the universities - mainly for first-year students - vary in price. The University of Dundee charges about and average £4,600 for the academic year. Abertay Dundee University offers some cheap rooms and £3,300 is about the basic annual rate.

3. Transport

Transport is not normally a major issue for students because of central campus locations. The local bus service has extensive intra-city connections and all the local buses converge to the city centre.

There are also good connections with the rest of the UK by train, coach and motorway. There are daily flights from Dundee airport to London City, Birmingham and Belfast. Edinburgh International airport, an hour away by motorway, provides a wider choice of destinations.

4. Attractions

The high concentration of students in Dundee means there are many student clubs to choose from on joining day.Student club day at the University of DundeeThere are many cultural and outdoor attractions in and around Dundee, reflecting the city's long history and park surrounds. However, students often choose to stay on or near campus to take advantage of the facilities provided by the city and the universities.

Five minutes walk from Dundee Uni are the city shops, theatres, galleries, the Dundee Contemporary Arts centre, and a variety of pubs and restaurants. The Union building of Abertay Dundee University has numerous outlets that include a coffee bar, regular bars, a nightclub and campus shop. There is also an art gallery and cinema.

The university's student unions are very active and put on numerous events throughout the year at student prices. There are also plenty of pubs around the city, with Nethergate a popular district for students.

5. Recreation and sport

Dundee is good for many outdoor activities on both land and water. Excellent river fishing and golf courses are nearby. An hour's drive away are mountains suitable for climbing, hiking, skiing and snowboarding.

There are many golf courses close to Dundee, including St Andrews. Dundee also has more than 50 parks.

In the city itself, there are several municipal sports centres, swimming pools and private fitness clubs, an artificial ski slope, sailing clubs and an ice rink. Dundee has a Scottish Premier League football club, Dundee United, and a further team, Dundee FC, in the First Division.

6. Universities

The University of Dundee is an old institution that is rated highly by students in terms of course satisfaction.University of DundeeDundee's two universities have a combined student enrolment of 21,515, with the University of Dundee the main contributor. It has 16,585 students compared to Abertay's 4,930.

The University of Dundee began as University College, Dundee in 1881. It became an independent university in 1967 after a 70-year relationship with the University of St Andrews.

There are three campuses: the City Centre, Ninewells Medical School a couple of miles away at one of Europe's largest teaching hospitals, and the Fife Campus at Kirkcaldy - 30 miles away - which is home to some of the Nursing and Midwifery students.

The University is organised in four colleges: Life Sciences; Arts and Social Sciences; Art, Science and Engineering and Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing. It has an overall course satisfaction rating of 3.7 / 5.0. International students are typically charged around £10,200 in annual tuition.

The University of Abertay Dundee was founded as Dundee Institute of Technology in 1888 and was granted university status in 1994. It is noted for computing and creative technology courses, particularly in computer games technology.

The University is composed of Four Schools and one Institute: the School of Engineering, Computing and Applied Mathematics; Institute of Arts, Media and Computer Games; School of Contemporary Sciences; Dundee Business School; and the School of Social and Health Sciences. Overall, it has a low course satisfaction rating of 1.5 / 5.0.