Kingston upon Hull

  Kingston upon Hull remains a busy port even though the city's fishing industry has declined.


Kingston upon Hull

RegionPopulationNearest cityUniversitiesEngland (Yorkshire)256,400York (38 miles)University of Hull, Hull York Medical School

A university city for all tastes

Kingston upon Hull (usually referred to as Hull), is a city in Yorkshire that is 25 miles inland from the North Sea. It has a population of 256,400, although the larger urban zone has 573,300 residents.

Hull is a diverse place that offers a bit of everything. It has its fair share of cultural attractions, mixing the old with the new, and has a marina and plenty of green space. It has caters to shoppers from around the region as the biggest settlement in the East Riding of Yorkshire and the local transport hub.

The city essentially just houses one university, the University of Hull. The ratio of university students to the general population is 9.1%, which is about average for a university city of Hull's size.

Hull has a diverse economy and culture, offering students are fairly typical English university experience. One of the advantages of studying in Hull is that it is relatively inexpensive, allowing students on a tight budget to live more of the good life and/or finish study with less debt. For example, student rooms can be had for as low as £89 on a 34-week contract, which works out to less than £3,000 for an academic year.

University of Hull

The University of Hull is the city's main higher education institution and instructs students in diverse university courses.University of HullThe University of Hull was founded in 1927. It has a main campus in Hull as well as a smaller campus in Scarborough on the North Yorkshire coast, which instructs around 2,000 of the university's 23,315 students. Contained within the main campus is the Hull York Medical School, a joint initiative with the University of York.

The main University campus is in picturesque grounds a few miles from the centre of Hull, giving students easy access to Hull's shops, nightlife and historic buildings. The Scarborough campus is within walking distance of the seafront.

Hull University Union is the main provider of student catering, services and entertainment on campus. It has over 100 affiliated student societies. The student union building comprises an on-site nightclub as well as a number of bars and catering outlets.

Graduates from the University of Hull report a high level of satisfaction about their experience, with the university having a course satisfaction rating of 4.2 / 5.0. Tuition fees for international students start at £11,760 per year.