Leeds City in England is home to four universities and around 65,000 students.


Leeds, England (Yorkshire & the Humber)

Population: 751,500

University students: 64,990 (8.6%)


Leeds, Leeds Metropolitan, Leeds Trinity University College, Leeds College of Art

A big city with a big student population

Leeds is a true student city with two large universities near the city centre.Students on a coffee breakLeeds is a large urban area that is the cultural and commercial centre of West Yorkshire. Leeds is a city of 751,500 people. But the name also represents a smaller, continuous urban area with a population of 474, 632 people as well as a city region that takes in over 3 million people.

The city has four higher-education institutions, including two large universities. The University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University are both based in the city centre but also have smaller satellite campuses. In all, there are around 65,000 university students studying in Leeds.

1. Geography

Leeds is one of England's most expansive metropolitan districts, stretching 15 miles from east to west and 13 miles from north to south. For more information about geography and climate, refer to the Leeds university city map.

2. Accommodation

Univeristy students in Leeds have a range of accommodation options, including living in nearby Headingley.Student accommodationLeeds Metropolitan University has more than 4,000 rooms in eight different halls and is able to accommodate all first-year undergraduate students. Prices vary greatly, with a standard package for an ensuite room around £4,500 for 43 weeks.

3. Transport

Students living away from the city centre generaly uses buses to get to and from classes.Students on a coffee breakBuses provide a cheap and efficient method of transport and a very reasonably priced student Metrocard is available.

Cycling is possible, but unpopular because of the hills and heavy traffic.

London is 190 miles away, and trains take 3 hours. Leeds-Bradford International Airport is 8 miles north.

4. Attractions and festivals


5. Recreation and sport


6. Universities


University of Leeds

The University of Leeds is the city's biggest university, with more than 30,000 students from the UK and around the world.University of LeedsThe

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